Over the past few years, I’ve loved becoming an indoor gardener. Honestly, as a teenager I couldn’t keep an unkillable spider plant alive, but I’ve finally found my groove and love being surrounded by green indoors as well as out. Like many, I’ve discovered the absolute joy of succulents and have filled my art studio with as many plants as I can fit!

Of course being surrounded by so many plants, they’ve worked their way into my illustrations and my sketchbook. My desk is right beside a window that I’ve filled with plants. It makes a huge difference to me when I’m working being surrounded by my ever-growing succulent collection.

I thought I’d share some photos of my studio and my plants here on the blog today.

Chat soon,

Rachel x

Today I was printing out one of my favourite recent illustrations for an order from my Etsy shop. It’s of one of the original little Irish cottages in the Ulster Folk Museum in Cultra, County Down. All the cottages & buildings in the museum have been saved and painstakingly moved brick by brick to there. How amazing is that! I have some of my products in the gift shop in the Folk Museum and any time I go there, I always like to go for a short walk and I can never go past this little cottage without stopping.

I drew this cottage for including in my 2021 postcard calendar, and during the process of drawing it, I realised just how much I absolutely adore painting flowers, gardens & trees. There is just something so soothing working with the different shades and tones of green, and something so addictive and fun about adding the little splashes of colours for the flowers and leaves. Honestly, I could draw and painting flowers, gardens & trees all day!

The Folk Museum is definitely on my list of places to go visit for a lazy day of picnic-ing and wandering after lockdown ends. I can already smell the turf fire smoke coming from the cottage fireplace! 🙂

Chat soon, Rachel