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Illustrated candle collection

I love being able to finally share a project I’ve been having to keep under wraps for whatever reason. This packaging design and this commission was so lovely and so exciting for me that it was definitely a challenge not to share! This was for the illustration & design for a series of candles for… Read more »

Sketchbook Patterns

One of my favourite ways to relax is to sit down with my sketchbook and watercolours or coloured pencils and just work on a freeform pattern and see what comes out. Creating patterns has a hugely calming effect on me, it’s like a mindful time out when I get to paint and draw in patterns…. Read more »

Redrawing Black History

One of the things I find most inspiring and motivating for my illustration practice is taking part in illustration courses. In January this year, I was so happy to start off a new year with a new MATS course, Redrawing Black History with Lilla & illustrator and teacher Tamisha Anthony. The course was offered free… Read more »

Paints, plants & prints

Over the past few years, I’ve loved becoming an indoor gardener. Honestly, as a teenager I couldn’t keep an unkillable spider plant alive, but I’ve finally found my groove and love being surrounded by green indoors as well as out. Like many, I’ve discovered the absolute joy of succulents and have filled my art studio… Read more »

Flowers, gardens & trees

Today I was printing out one of my favourite recent illustrations for an order from my Etsy shop. It’s of one of the original little Irish cottages in the Ulster Folk Museum in Cultra, County Down. All the cottages & buildings in the museum have been saved and painstakingly moved brick by brick to there…. Read more »