Sketchbook Patterns

2 years ago

Sketchbook Patterns

One of my favourite ways to relax is to sit down with my sketchbook and watercolours or coloured pencils and just work on a freeform pattern and see what comes out. Creating patterns has a hugely calming effect on me, it’s like a mindful time out when I get to paint and draw in patterns. They just make me happy and there’s science to back that up!

I’m fascinated by the effects that pattern has on the viewer – according to scientists, the brain looks for patterns instinctively as it then allows the brain to recognise and predict what is coming next. It’s a basic survival instinct than uses this information for safety and understanding of the environment, and it has a calming effect on the brain. There’s a lot more research about this online if you’re interested.

I recently reworked some sketchbook patterns into digital artwork (Procreate on iPad) for using on my new stationery and greeting card ranges for summer 2022, so I thought I’d share some photos here.






I’ll share photos in the blog soon when the stationery is all ready.

Chat soon, Rachel 🙂

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